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 About Me

(Because you don’t like doing work with a faceless company or an “agency.”)

To start, I am glad you got this far! I wont tell you my whole life story. I wouldn't want you falling asleep and drooling on your desk. Not only was this the hardest page for me to design it was the last!:)

I work out of my office at home which is what I love about freelancing.  I am married and have one boy who loves to draw almost as much as I do. He is always coming up with ideas and creating things. (this means messes!) That brings me to my wonderful wife who is always following his trails and cleaning up after him. I adore her very much! She has supported my freelancing career to the fullest. I love her even more for that!




If I am not creating cartoons...

I have been drawing things all my life. As a kid I loved to draw animals and would spend hours in my room drawing. I read a lot of cartoons. Calvin and Hobbes, Archie, For Better or Worse, Tintin and many others. I always wanted to create my own comic strip. One of my dreams!

We bought an old house about 7 years ago. Since then I have remodeled every room in the house except the kitchen. If I am not drawing cartoons, I am working on the never ending house projects, relaxing with my family, or fishing. We get large salmon runs here in the PNW. Fall is the best time to fish, so I fish as much as I can then.  I live 5 minutes from awesome fishing holes and during the peak of the salmon run, I fish almost everyday.


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