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High Quality Cartoon Logo Design Service

These days, when it comes to talking about growing a better business… everyone seems to be talking about “brand awareness.” And even if none of us know exactly what that means….

It’s definitely got something to do with how many people who see your brand actually remember it.

Especially with how many “brand” messages we’re exposed to on a daily basis… you know?

Simple cartoon logos help make your brand stand out.
Logos with mascots help tell tell your story and stand out to customers.
Illustrative logos include a lot of detail, and draw the viewer interest.

Simple Logo Design

Made up of text and are simple to use throughout the company branding.

Logos With Mascots

My most popular logo design service includes a mascot within the logo design.

Illustrative Logo Design

Illustrative logos include a lot more detail, and look great when printed large.

The first two things that seep into our consciousness about a brand are this:

1. What it looks like.

2. How it makes us feel.

Yes…. even before the actual name of the brand or the business, we remember its look and its emotional feel.


Which is where cartoons … especially those specifically designed to resonate with your brand, audience, and products… can really make a huge difference in the growth of your business.


camping logo design
Logo design for card game.
Coffee bean logo designed for a coffee company.

Here’s the cool thing about hiring a logo designer who’s got the business sense to be successful for himself:


I’ve been there and done it.


I’ve grown a business from scratch.


And because of that, I’ve got the experience, ideas, and perspective to help you figure out the full potential you can gain from my work… even things you may not have thought of before.


100's Of Satisfied Clients!

"Austen exceeded my expectations from start to finish. He is professional and creative. I highly recommend him."



There’s a difference between the “meh,” the “mediocre,” and the truly magnificent.

And you don’t take pride in the work you do because you’re meh or mediocre… you take pride in it because you believe it’s truly magnificent.


So let’s create something amazing together.

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Final logo Design Files

This is what some of the final files will include when hiring me to create your logo. Your logo should work for mobile websites, as well as an icon for all your social media profiles.  Overall you will receive around 10 separate files in a variety of formats.

Files my Logo Design Service Includes

Final logo formats are important. With my logo design service, you get between 5-10 final file formats/sizes. These include, a color, black and white, and white outline, and black outline in all sizes. Below is list of final file formats you will receive. These are standard and when hiring a logo designer, you should always get these.

• .ai ( adobe Illustrator)

 Also known as vector format.

This is the source file for your logo design. You will need this file to edit your logo design later, give to printers, etc.. Please do not hire a logo designer if you do not get at least this format.

• .eps (Encapsulated Postscript)

 Also known as vector format.

This is another source file for you. Get this file format from your logo designer!

• .png (Portable Network Graphics)

 This is a web file format which can have a transparent background. This gets rid of the white box behind your logo design. When hiring me for your logo design service, you will receive several sizes of your logo in this format in each color. This format is the most widely used file format on the web.


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