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I Create Entertaining Cartoon Mascot Designs You will want to Show off to Everybody.

As long as a “person”—whether it’s a human, a caricature, or even an animal mascot—seems friendly and in good favor, the brain feels like it knows and trusts that person.

(Yes, even if it’s not a real “person.”)

When you get your target audience to literally pause for a moment…


• To stop their web scrolling


• To keep their head focused on your sign as they pass on the sidewalk


• To take a break from throwing their unopened “junk” mail in the recycle bin just so they can open yours…


You know you’ve won their hearts. (And their business.)

With an engaging mascot you can bet you’ll be the business they remember, and nine times out of ten… the business they end up doing business with.


100's Of Satisfied Clients!

Anything Cartoon... There couldn't be a more fitting name! I have used Austen for all my graphic design needs. It started by having him design our logo, then I had him design our menu. I continue to use his creativity on all our promotional material, including ads, T-Shirts, coupons, etc. I have been so tickled and impressed with everything. I should also mention that I have been doing business with Anything Cartoon for the past eight months and only talked to Austen on the phone 3 times. Anytime I need something I just shoot him an email, and then I wait with suspense to see what he comes up with. I cannot say enough good about his work! Truly amazing!

If I’m doing a project for you, it’s my personal responsibility to make sure that project will give you the best ROI possible. So I ask you questions about why you care so much about your business and your customers.

And I ask about your customers…


What kind of people are they? What do they do for a living? How to they generally feel about your brand and when they buy from you? What do they think about you in comparison to the competition?


Because here’s the thing…. just because we might classify ourselves as “business entities” for tax purposes doesn’t mean we are “entities.”


We’re human beings… working with and buying from other human beings.


And that’s the level of relationship I bring to every project I work on.

Let’s create something amazing together.

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