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 Safety Cartoons

Teach safety easily, and effectively with safety cartoons for your business, industry or service.  Download safety posters and safety clipart to hang in your work areas or use in your safety presentations My goal is help keep your workplace accident free using visual cartoons that your employees will notice and relate with.  Let me help your company rise to the top in safety practices.

Free Safety Cartoon Posters

Download these safety posters by clicking on the green button. You will be required to enter your email and the files will be immediately emailed to you.

Safety Poster PPE Free

Free Cartoon PPE Safety Poster

Free Safety PPE Poster

1-PDF File and 1-PNG File

Safe Lifting Poster Free

Free Safety Cartoon Poster

Free Safety Cartoon Poster  Includes:

 1- PDF File and 1-PNG File.

Cartoon Poster Free

Free Harness Safety Poster

Free Harness Safety Poster Includes:

 1 -PDF File and 1- PNG File

Free Safety Cartoon Clipart

Free safety cartoon clipart to use with safety presentations and power points. These may not be sold or used for profit.

Safety Cartoon Character Clipart
Safety clipart
Harness Safety Clipart
Safety Beaver

Free Safety Clipart


Free Safety Character Clipart

Free Harness Safety Clipart

Free Safety Cartoon


Free Safety Clipart

Characters Includes:

1-EPS File and 1-PNG File

Free Safety Character

Clipart Includes:

 1- EPS File and 1-PNG File.

Free Harness Safety

Clipart Includes:

 1 -EPS File and 1- PNG File

Free Beaver Safety Cartoon Includes:

 1 -EPS File and 1- PNG File

Safety Cone Clipart

I own EXCLUSIVE rights to clipart on Purchases or free downloads are not for resale. Contact me for questions or full rights to any clipart.

Dennis the Safety Cone Safety Clipart Package

Complete safety clipart package covers multiple safety topics. Dennis a fun friendly guy that you can use to help all your employees remember safety.

 Download comes with 33-images, and includes:

1- EPS FIle

1-PDF File

Separate files for each character in hi-res PNG format.


Customized Safety Cartoons

Hire me to create your company custom safety cartoons. I have worked in the construction field and know how important safety is and how much it is practiced. I have taken the OSHA 10 class, and sat through many job site orientations. I remember how boring they were, if only they would just use cartoons! My goal is not to laugh at safety, but to teach it in a way that most people will connect with, and enjoy learning. I learn very well from visuals, and I think many others do as well.

Use a mascot to teach safety.

Add your Company logo to

your Safety Cartoon

Use your company mascot in your safety cartoons

Use safety cartoons to teach a specific safety topic.

Each cartoon can be fully customized with your company logo, and safety apparel. These would include your companies colors, and work well to match websites, or social media accounts.

If your company has a mascot, it is a great way to teach safety in the workplace. My custom safety cartoons are tailor made to fit any of your ideas or companies needs.

New safety issues constantly arise. Keep up with any new safety issues with a cartoon that will teach that particular safety concern.

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